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Introducing Jeni

Welcome to the inaugural episode of our groundbreaking networking podcast! In this exciting premiere, your host Jeni Smith takes the stage, sharing her personal journey and introducing you to the captivating world of networking. Get ready to embark on a transformative adventure as Jeni reveals her insights and expertise gained from over almost two-decades of professional networking.

Jeni, the mastermind behind NetKno, a leading networking consultancy, has dedicated her career to understanding the intricate dynamics of networking events. As she embarks on her PhD at Durham University exploring the fascinating relationship between networking event anatomy and entrepreneurial narratives, she brings you a wealth of knowledge based on both practical and theoretical insights.

Her stellar accomplishments speak for themselves. Recognized as one of the Future 100 Young Entrepreneurs in the UK, a finalist in the esteemed Great British Entrepreneur Awards for both 2021 and 2022, and featured among the Telegraph’s prestigious 100 Women to Watch, Jeni’s expertise is unparalleled.

Drawing from two rounds of academic research conducted with Durham University between 2017-2019, Jeni developed her unique and strategic business networking model. The groundbreaking results of her research have propelled her to launch NetKno, a platform that empowers individuals and organizations with bespoke networking strategies.

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