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Know, Like and Trust

Welcome to another insightful episode of our networking podcast! In this edition, “Know, Like, Trust,” we explore the essential elements that form the foundation of effective relationships within your network. Join us as we uncover how “Know, Like, Trust” is the key to unlocking referrals, opening doors, and achieving your networking goals & objectives.

In this episode, we explore how building genuine connections through meaningful interactions is the secret sauce for improving long-term networking ROI (return on investment). Through real-life examples and expert insights, we illustrate how each element plays a crucial role in establishing credibility, fostering loyalty, and generating referrals.

Discover how getting out there and giving others the change to get to know you, and your area of expertise, is the first step in networking success. Building associates in people’s minds between you and what you want to be known for will set the scene for future opporutnities. But people knowing you exist and what you do just isn’t enough…

Next, we explore the importance of being liked within your network. Building rapport, displaying authenticity, and demonstrating genuine interest in others create a likability factor that paves the way for successful relationships. Learn how to leave a positive and lasting impression, making you the go-to person when opportunities arise.

Finally, we delve into the critical component of trust. We uncover how trust acts as the glue that holds relationships together, providing a solid foundation for collaboration, referrals, and opening doors to new possibilities. Discover strategies for building trust and maintaining integrity, cultivating a network that stands the test of time.

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