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Thu | Dec 02 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM

CharityTech Series: How Charities Can Use Data

TusPark Newcastle Barclays Eagle Labs TusPark Newcastle Barclays Eagle Labs

Join us and Modus Analytics for this short interactive session to take a close look at how charities can use data more effectively to operate more efficiently.

In this session we:


• Illustrate with some fun interactive tests why “gut feel” alone shouldn’t be relied upon when running your charity.

• Look at how to use your charity’s data to help get a better understanding of your donors to increase donations.

• Demonstrate with the benefits of good use of data with some case studies.

• Look at typical problems that organisations have with their data and how to address them.

• Discuss how to get started and make the most of your data.

• Q&A


Tim Shaw set up Modus Analytics in 2018 to help businesses and not-for-profit organisations improve their business performance by making it easy to access and interpret key information.

Prior to setting up Modus, his career included being CEO of Watford Football Club, Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity and the Clark Howes accountancy group. He is also a board advisor to various property companies. In each case using data and business information has been critical to the growth of each enterprise.


He knows from this practical experience that the benefits of using “big data” are available to small and medium sized enterprises and not just the larger charities of this world. He will demonstrate with real life case studies how your charity can use data to make it even more successful.


This event will be hosted live with the ability to participate in a Q and A with our speakers.

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