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Wed | Nov 10 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM

People and Culture Forum

Brighty People Coaching and Culture Brighty People Coaching and Culture
Attend the first meeting on the People and Culture Forum, created by Brighty People

About this event

Brighty People presents:

The People and Culture Forum- Building a High Trust Organisation

Hosted from the Q11 Building at Quorum Park. This first session is free to attend and includes a free breakfast!

In this first workshop, facilitated by Becca Brighty, Organisational Psychologist and Business Coach, we will look at the benefits of having a high trust organisation and some practical tips and activities that you can take back to the workplace to help you to build a high trust organisation.

You will work through the activities in groups, giving you chance to connect with other attendees. There will also be time for chatting, networking and drinking coffee at the start of the event.

Who is this network for?

This network is for people who are passionate about employee satisfaction and productivity

and interested in the science and psychology behind having an engaged and productive workforce.

HR people, recruitment professionals, business owners, L&D peeps, OD practitioners, leaders, basically anyone interested in having a productive workforce and meeting other like-minded, people-focussed professionals.

Reasons to attend

1. Learn about how you can apply the science and psychology behind having an engaged, productive workforce.

2. Connect with some of the North East’s most knowledgeable, experienced and passionate people-focussed people.

3. Be inspired.

4. Help others solve their tricky people challenges.

5. Design your own career.

Every month we will run workshops on topics that will give you the knowledge and skills you need to attract, develop and retain a productive, engaged workforce.

Who are Brighty People?

Brighty People is a Business Psychology consultancy, based in Newcastle. Brighty People helps businesses understand and harness the strengths and areas for development within their businesses and people resulting in a more engaged, productive workforce and greater profit.

It’s founder, Becca Brighty believes that everyone can be happy and productive at work, it is just a matter of aligning an individual’s purpose, strengths and goals with a business’s vision, values and goals.

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