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To make the world a better place by inspiring and empowering people to connect.

We’ve teamed up with Ecologi to offset our corporate carbon footprint, and every time someone enrols on one of our Courses, or becomes a member of NetKnoWho, we’ll plant a tree!

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Up until now our idea of ‘strategic networking’ has been to go to the events with the best buffets or the free booze, and simply leave the rest up to chance – but that’s all about to change!



Networking Training

Alongside our online courses we can also help you, your teams, your clients, or your students, become more confident, effective, strategic networkers with our networking training options.

For more info on the training we offer, take a look at our services page, or get in touch and we can chat through your needs, and ways we can potentially support.

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You're in Good Company!

Have to admit I’d never heard of a networking strategist until I was introduced to Jeni through a mutual connection, but wow! Jeni really knows her stuff! She doesn’t simply grab a handful of links from the first page of an Eventbrite search result, she really wants to get to know you and find out about your business. Clearly she puts a lot of time, thought and effort into crafting a strategy that works for you; and I’m sure even the serial networkers will discover events they’ve never heard of when Jeni comes back with your strategy plan, all delivered professionally and personably. Thank you so much, Jeni!

Catherine Tuckwell


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Passionate about Networking

We love sharing our skills and knowledge with others. We’re here to help you create conversations because when people come together in conversation powerful things happen; relationships are built, knowledge is shared, and sparks of innovation are fired.

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