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What we do

We help people and organisations network smarter.

From one-to-one coaching and workshops to bespoke strategies and curated event listings, our services are informed by academic research and over 16 years’ experience in networking strategy.

Based in the North East, we offer services across the UK and beyond.


Discover your
networking ‘Why’

Success stems from acknowledging your business or career goals and understanding exactly how strategic networking can help you achieve them.


Learn How to network smarter

Effective networking comes from acquiring the confidence, knowledge and practical skills that allow you to approach your networking activities with intention.


Find out Where
to network

Informed by your goals, the NetKno platform allows you to curate your own bespoke, networking event listings so you can finally start networking efficiently.

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Head on over to our NetKno knowledge section where you’ll find everything from FREE resources to networking tips from our Founder Jeni Smith.

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