Strategic Consultancy

Our consultant works with you, or your team, to create a strategy that delivers on your objectives. Whether that is improving your networking ROI, creating more purposeful connections or designing your own networking events.

Our pioneering, academically researched ecosystem means there’s no need to rely on serendipity to connect you with the right people. TheNetKno Ecosystem splits the world of networking into eight zones – each zone has its own unique characteristics that allow you to strategically navigate the world of networking enabling you to be in the right place, at the right time, to meet the right people.

Providing you with a roadmap for your networking activities, for creating your own network or community, or even designing individual events we can help make your networking activities work for you.

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If you’re based in the North East you could also be eligible for fully-funded (aka FREE) consultancy support from our founder Jeni via the BIPC – find out more and apply.