Taking a little ownership of the events you attend can be an amazing thing! Thinking like a host would – trying to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable, being attentive to the other guests, ensuring no-one feels excluded. These are all traits of a fantastic networker! I’m not saying you should take over from the actual host (that would be rude), but just to keep an eye out for others and try to make sure people are included.

Adding additional value to the other delegates by facilitating introductions at events is also a brilliant way to network – asking people who would make a good connection for them or what type of people they’re looking to meet will give you insight into them and their work, but also allow you to make connections then and there with other delegates in the room. Thinking like a host also takes away a lot of the unnecessary networking pressure we put on ourselves to ‘make sales’ or ‘meet at least 10 new people’.

Being an additional support of maybe more nervous networkers, facilitating introductions, and adding value to the people you meet will result in building a far more positive brand for yourself and your business, whilst making the events a lot more enjoyable at the same time.

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