Over the next few weeks, leading up to the launch of the new NetKno-Where platform on 9th Jan 2023, I’m going to stoplight 3 of the key features that have been designed to help you quickly and easily find networking events.

The first feature is Following!

When you sign up to the NetKno-Where platform you’ll be asked 3 onboarding questions that will make up your new unique networking dashboard –

  1. Which networks are you part of?

    This refers to any networking groups you’re a member of, such as the Chamber of Commerce of the Entrepreneurs Forum. Networks that come with a sign-up process and/or a membership fee.

    NetKno-Where strategic networking platform

  2. Which hosts are you interested in?

    Not all networking events are hosted by networks – law firms, support agencies, universities, and lots of other organisations host events too. This is where you can select the hosts you’re interested in who facilitate networking opportunities. You could also add networks in here that you’re interested in but haven’t yet become a member of.

  3. Which topics do you care about?

    Now this is where we get a bit more strategic…a brand new feature for the NetKno-Where platform is that all events listed will be tagged with key topics and themes. If you’re looking to connect with people from a certain sector, or you want to learn about specific topics, then this is where you can expand your networking horizons by selecting the topics you care about. This will enable you to find events outside the usual networks you attend.

Once you’ve answered all three questions you’ll land on your very own, completely unique, networking dashboard where you’ll find 3 networking event feeds –

My Hosts Feed lists all the events coming up that are being hosted by the networks you’re part of and hosts you’re interested in

My Topics Feed lists all the events coming up that are tagged with the topics you care about

All Events lists everything, so you can browse all upcoming events!

You can easily click between all 3 feeds so you’re can quickly find the events you want to attend.

You’ll also be able to update your preferences within ‘Update Preferences’ (see what we did there), so if you join any new networks, or your networking objectives shift to include a new target market, then you can manage your networking event feeds to include those too.

That’s is for the Following feature! I’ll be releasing another spotlight soon so make sure to follow us on socials so you don’t miss out…

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