Supply Chain North East has teamed up with networking specialist Jeni Smith, from Networking KnoWho, to deliver a bespoke programme designed to empower North East businesses to take control of their networking activities, and confidently and effectively implement new networking strategies for growth.

Networking for Growth consists of an initial one-to-one consultation with Jeni to establish participants’ current levels of networking activities, knowledge, and future growth plans. The training sessions use interactive, hands-on learning and include homework to encourage applied learning of new networking skills.

Alan Whittaker, Programme Manager of Supply Chain North East, said: “I am delighted to welcome Jeni’s knowledge and experience to the Supply Chain North East team. During these times it is vital that businesses take stock and work on strategic plans to ensure not just growth into the future but also expand into new markets.

“Jeni’s enthusiasm and passion about strategic networking will ensure that every delegate walks away with a bespoke and clear plan on how to move to the next level.” The training sessions include no more than ten other delegates, giving attendees personal support throughout, as well as creating a network with other local businesses working your way through the course together.

Jeni Smith, founder of Networking KnoWho, said: “I am so excited to be delivering this programme on behalf of Supply Chain North East. I am passionate about connecting people, so being able to support local businesses in becoming more effective strategic networks is just fantastic. I can’t wait to meet the companies and work closely with them over the coming weeks.”

At the end of the Networking for Growth programme delegates will have the confidence and skills to network effectively, and the knowledge and understanding of which events to attend in order to achieve their business growth goals. Attendees will be more confident in relationship management, more strategic in their networking activities, and have a greater understanding of the principles of networking for long-term growth.

Networking strategically allows businesses to save time and money on networking activities, whilst building effective relationships for: lead generation, sales, collaborative opportunities, investment, knowledge transfer, attracting talent and product development. For more information and to sign up to take part in Networking for Growth, visit the eventbrite page.

Supply Chain North East works with businesses who want to diversify, broaden their customer base and unlock new market opportunities Supply Chain North East is delivered by RTC North, NEAA, NEPIC and Generator as an integral part of the North East Growth Hub. Supply Chain North East provides businesses with tailored advice in areas including sales and marketing, digital transformation, accreditation and compliance. Market specialists provide industry insight and sector knowledge on UK and international supply chains.

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