This week I got a name badge for networking!

Not an utterly revolutionary idea, but one I wanted to explain as there’s a few different stories behind it…


As we’ve all spent the last two year talking to each other on Zoom (or Teams or wherever), we’ve all got used to having that handy little name tags under everyone’s face. Suddenly we’re thrown back into 3D and our brains have gotten lazy! No one wants to be rude and ask someone’s name after talking to them for 20 minutes, so getting a nice little name badge is a lovely way of transitions from url to IRL.


I’ve hosted a fair few networking events in my time and to be honest, badges are a pain in the ass. As much as I love them as a delegate, from a host’s perspective they can be a heck of a lot of work. If you’re printing them out there’s all that work, and additional expense, and people will always book on last minute or simply not show up. So getting your own badge saves them a job and means you’ll never be without – plus you get to have your own brand on there which is always a great idea.


I recently attended the launch of Celebrate Difference ADHD in the hope of learning more about neurodiversity and how networking can be made more accessible. I got to speak to lots of awesome people and someone that almost everyone mentioned was having name badges – BOOM! Done.

So just a little thing, that’s great branding for you and your business, is basically helping loads of people feel more comfortable, supported, and saves on a whole lot of additional work and prevents any potential awkwardness! If I sold them myself here’s where I’d enter a link but I don’t so just pop on over to Google and find one that you like 🙂

Happy networking!


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p.s. my badge has got magnets on the back so it doesn’t ruin my clothes!