Climate County Durham

Welcome to Climate County Durham, where you can learn about climate change, it’s impact and get all the information you need to take action and help reduce your carbon footprint contributing towards becoming a carbon neutral county.

Climate change is more than just a buzz word or the latest media trend. The science is clear; the effects are devastating, the evidence undeniable and we must all take action to reverse the effects.

Everything we do as individuals to big corporations has an impact on our beautiful environment creating effects on our health, changes in ecology, biodiversity changing the world as we knew and know it. The power is in each of our hands to bring about positive and sustainable change so we can continue to enjoy the life we have taken for granted for long enough.

We must act now:

  • To avoid burdening future generations with greater impacts and costs of climate change
  • Allow economies to cope better by mitigating environmental risks and improving energy efficiency
  • For wider benefits to health, energy security and biodiversity


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