Discover your
networking ‘Why’

You know you need to network but do you truly know your ‘why?’

From 121 coaching to academically researched ecosystems, our strategy support allows you to truly understand your approach to networking.

NetKno Why Services

Success stems from acknowledging your career or business goals and understanding exactly how strategic networking can help you achieve them.


Our consultant works with you, or your team, to create a strategy that delivers on your objectives. Whether that is improving your networking ROI, creating more purposeful connections or designing your own networking events, get in touch for a free consultation to explore the options available.

Strategy Creation

​​Our pioneering, academically researched ecosystem means there’s no need to rely on serendipity to connect you with the right people.

Our ecosystem splits the world of networking into eight zones – each zone has its own unique characteristics that allow you to strategically navigate the world of networking enabling you to be in the right place, at the right time, to meet the right people.


Through 121 and group coaching, we lean on our 16 years of networking experience to build a coaching program bespoke to your needs.

Our engaging approach combines theoretical and practical learning with a thorough consideration of neurodivergence and learning types.

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