Instead of trying to talk you through all of the compelling reasons why you should have a networking strategy within your business, I thought I’d go you the reason you don’t:

1. You’ve got by without one so far

This is completely true. You’ve managed to build your business and your career to the point you’re at today without the need of any networking strategies, and you’re doing frikin’ awesome!

But you were also doing awesome before you introduced a CRM system. And before there was such a thing as social media marketing. Or before online banking was welcomed into the world. Or before the internet for that matter! Just because you’re doing great with what you have, doesn’t mean you can’t do even better with the introduction of a new tool or technique to help you grow even further.

2. There are other things to be spending your money on

It’s such a weird time right now and our buying habits, and those of our customers, are just all over the place. It’s almost impossible to predict how markets are going to be moving and therefore it’s time to tighten the purse strings and only spend where completely necessary. Well if attracting new customers is something you deem necessary, or creating new solutions for your customers, or finding new opportunities for growth and collaboration, or even the mental health and progression of your staff, then networking is most definitely something you should be investing in.

3. You don’t go networking anyway

If you’re not currently networking, or planning on networking anytime soon, then you definitely don’t need a networking strategy. Odds are though, that even if you’re not actively attending networking events, you do in fact still have a personal/professional network that you lean on for advice, do business with now or hope to in the future, and use the relationships in some way to benefit yourself and others. If so, then I hate to tell you this but: you’re networking!

4. It’s just talking, it’s not difficult

Talking to people, having conversations and navigating small talk is just the very beginning of building a network. Talking to strangers is an art-form within it’s self (if you need help on this take a look here), but the question is are you talking to the right people? Are you having the right conversations to achieve your networking goals? Do you even know what your networking goals are and why you’re talking to these people in the first place?

5. You’re way too busy

I hear ya. There really aren’t enough hours in the day and the effort it takes to start thinking about developing and implementing an entirely new form of marketing strategy just sounds like way too much work. Well that’s where you’d be wrong my friend: following an initial consultation (which is also like business therapy!) I do all the legwork. Applying fourteen years experience in the networking industry, and utilising my unique networking ecosystem model I’m able to create bespoke networking strategies for businesses and individuals while you crack on with all the jobs on your ‘to do’ list. I present everything back to you whilst also teaching you how the strategy was created, so you’re empowered to take control and develop it as your business moves forward too.

So there you have it! The 5 top reasons you really don’t need a networking strategy.

If however you think implementing a bespoke networking strategy may in fact be a good idea for you and your business (especially if your competitors still believe they don’t need one), then drop me a line and we can start with ‘Hello’: [email protected] 


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