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New Year – New Networking Strategy!

The end of the year is the perfect time to get your ducks in a row ready for the year ahead.

When it comes to networking, the new year is also the perfect time to hit the floor running as the calenders are overflowing with opportunities!

So to help you get your networking ducks ready for 2024, here’s a list of FREE resources all about networking strategy to help you network smarter….


White Paper – ‘The Art of Strategic Networking’ – free download of our interactive white paper which including our academically researched networking ecosystem

Podcast Ep – ‘Network Diversity’ – including the objective of building diverse networks as part of your strategy and the benefits

Podcast Ep ‘Networking ROI’ – improving your return on investment from networking activities

Podcast Ep – ‘Pre-Networking: Setting Yourself Up For Success!’ – practical steps to go through before attending events to get more from them

Podcast Ep – ‘Setting Networking Objectives’ – guidance for setting objectives to help you reach networking success

Blog – ‘Connection Marketing: How to Add Value’ – by adding value to our network we become someone who’s valuable to know

Blog – ‘What Does Networking Cost?’ – includes video guide to calculating your networking costs

Blog – ‘Power of the Hashtag’ – utilising social media and #’s to engage with delegates

Event Listing – ‘NetKno-Where’ – explore 100’s of upcoming events from across the North East, Teesside & Cumbria


I really hope these help! And if you’d like to have a chat about working with NetKno to develop your own networking strategy please get in touch – there’s sometimes funding available we can help you tap into (which is always lovely!) simple drop me a line and we can arrange an informal chat: [email protected] 

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