Since the first lock-downs of 2020 when networking events across the world were forced online, we’re gotten a lot more used to building relationships remotely.

We’re comfortable with the technology now so a big part of the fear factor has gone which opens up networking online to a lot more people.

Here are some of the main benefits to networking online, and my top tips for attending!

Online Networking Benefits

Time Efficient

No need to worry about travelling to the event, networking online meets you can jump on during your lunch or in between meetings without taking an additional time out of your day.

Cost Efficient

Online events are often free, or at least more time cost-efficient (host’s don’t have the overheads of in-person events so they can pass that saving onto you). There’s also no travel or parking costs to worry about.

No Boundaries

Networking online means networking with anyone in the world! Just look for events hosted by networks based in a specific geographic locations and you’re likely to make connections from that region too.

Large Volume

Speed networking lends itself really well to online events which means you can meet a large volume of people in a short space of time – great for when you’re first starting out, wanted to break into a new areas, of make connections in a new sector.


5 Top Tips for Attending

If you’re thinking of attending an online networking event, or if you attend regularly! Here are my top tips for getting the most from events –

1. Get Comfy

If you’re going to be sat in-front of the screen for a while make sure you’re comfortable. One of the benefits of networking from home is that you can wear slippers if you want! Make yourself a cuppa, have some snacks nearby, and settle in so you’re more likely to focus on the event that’s happening.

2. Minimise Distractions

I know it’s tough when you’re at home, there’s always something else to be doing, but if you can minimise external distractions as much as possible you’re far more likely to get value from the event. Move your phone out of reach, disconnect the second screen, and shut down email notifications – it’ll all still be there in an hour I promise.

3. Good Lighting

Turn that camera on and get some good lighting so other delegates can actually see you! Position your main light source in front of you so it highlights your face, wear something that contrasts with your back drop (a white shirt against a white background isn’t particularly impactful), and play around with your background to add some character to your screen. You’re got limited opportunity to make an impression, use it!

4. Take Notes

Have a notebook and pen ready so you take notes as the other delegates talk. It’s impossible to remember everything everyone says so take notes of things you might want to follow up on after. You can also take a photo of a screen shot of all the little boxes at the beginning of the event – as each box will have a name tag on it you’ve got yourself a delegates list so you can connect with people after the event.

5. Chat Box

Don’t be afraid to say hello in the chat box too – that’s what it’s there for! Especially if you’re at an event with a speaker, utilise the technology by engaging with other delegates, the host, and the speaker in the chat box by asking questions, sharing ideas, and even posting links to relevant information and/or your LinkedIn profile so others can connect with you!

Speaking of, here’s a link to mine if anyone wants to say HELLO!


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