We’re been working VERY hard behind the scenes here at NetKno, and just over 1 year after launching our strategic networking platform we’ve made some exciting updates that will soon be coming to a screen near you!…


For a little bit of background, the NetKno website was designed to not only list all the networking events coming up in the North East (and now Tees Valley too), but was also a platform you could subscribe to and have events recommended to you. The aim was to help you be more strategic in your approach to event selection – looking at your networking objectives, price point, location, etc. etc., and based on a range of variables the site would show you upcoming events that were most aligned with your objectives!

GENIUS I hear you cry – I know! That’s what I thought! But, like most things, what we think people want and what they actually want are two very different things…

So over the last year I’ve been listening to user feedback, getting invaluable insights from networkers, and having used it ourselves for the last year we’ve come up with some really exciting changes that are going to completely revolutionise the way you source and select networking opportunities!


As well as some exciting updates to the overall NetKno brand, website, and shop (there’ll be some lush new products launching!), here are the key things you’ll be able to do as a subscriber to the new NetKno platform –

Once you’ve signed up (you’ll be able to get a 30-day free trial then it’s as little as £8.99 per month!) you’ll have your very own dashboard which includes 2 unique event listings!

  • Following Networks & Hosts – when you subscribe to the site you’ll be able to select which networks you’re part of and which hosts you love. This will create your very own unique event listing so you’ll never miss an event from your favourite organisation
  • Topics – you can also select which topics you’re interested in when you sign up too. This will create your second unique event listing that shows all the events tagged with the topics you care about – this is a great way to find strategic networking opportunities from networks you might not have heard of!
  • Full Listing – you’ll still be able to access the full list of upcoming events, and within this you’ll have access to filters unavailable on the public listing such as – filtering via location, online/in-person/hybrid, host, and topic.
  • Email Updates – as a subscriber you’ll also receive you’re very own unique email updates, so you know what events are coming up from the networks and hosts you love, as well as the topics you’re interested in

To find out more a about the key features of the platform, I’ve put together 3 blogs going into more detail on 3 key features – check them out:

1. Following

2. Filtering

3. Finding

Each feature’s been designed to help you quickly and effortlessly find the right networking events for you.


I’m really excited to launch the new version of the site, I think you’re going to absolutely love it and it’ll just make our lives so much easier!

No more trawling around online in search for events. No more only finding out about events after they’ve happened! No more missing out on valuable opportunities. And no more guessing which events are right for us.

There will of course still be a public event listing that everyone can see, but there won’t be any search functionality or filtering – that’ll be kept for the subscribers.


The new site will be going live at the beginning of Jan 2023! So make sure you don’t miss out on being one of the first to see it and sign up to your free trial of course – keep up to date with exlcusive news by signing up to our newsletter HERE!