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FREE Networking Training Videos for Schools – Now LIVE!


In a world where we communicate through screens, work remotely, and express ourselves with emoji’s, having face-to-face conversations is becoming more and more intimidating. Throw in the fact we were locked in our homes for two years it’s no wornder in-person interactions can cause a lot of us social anxiety – especially for young people.

I talk a lot about the power of networking for career progression, personal development, and also for mental and emotional health. Being able to build and nurture meaningful relationships has such a huge impact on all aspects of our lives, yet it’s something we’re never actually taught….not until now at least.

In a bid to help young people develop these life skills I’m really proud to announce the release of not one but TWO training video resources that I’m giving away to schools completely FREE!

Video one (49 mins) is all about the foundations of networking – what it is, how and why making connections impact opportunities, ways to network and start building effective relationships right now.

Video two (34 mins) is to help prepare students for an event, be it a jobs fair, works experience, or any type of engagement with industry. This one focuses more on the practicals of networking, getting into & out of conversations, small talk, and how to nurture new connections long term.

Both videos of interactive and engaging, with prompts to pause and have class discussions, individual activities, and puppets (well, in one video at least). Aimed at 16-18 year olds I’ve applied all my experiences working with young people to try and creating content that is impactful, informative, and of course fun!

So if you work in education or support young people in any way these videos are a gift for you – I really hope you and your students love them and I’d love to hear any feedback on how they were recieved!

If you don’t work with students but believe these skills are important to young people then please share with your network and let’s help the next generation connect, together.

To access these free resources simply pop in your details below and you’ll recieve an email with links to the two training videos (remember to check spam just in case!)

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