Networking is often thought of as an external exercise (when I say external I mean outside of the organisation). We go to events to connect with people from other businesses, meet new clients, and tap into the local ecosystem. But networking should be starting a little closer to home as building relationships with your colleagues is equally, if not more, important.

Internal networking has a huge impact on not just businesses, but you! After all, we often spend more time with our colleagues that we do with our spouses. It’s natural that we’re not all going to get along all of them time, but building effective internal relationship can be a total game-changer when done right.

Here are 5 of the biggest benefits of building an internal networking strategy –

  1. Career Progressions
    • Research has proven that individuals with stronger networks progress within their industry faster. Through internal relationships you’re far more likely to be put forward to work on exciting projects giving you more experience, you’re recommended for additional opportunities, and put forward for promotions.
  2. Cross-Referrals
    • When your team better understand what the other departments do, they’re far more likely to cross-refer clients! They’re able to spot opportunities for each other, as well as adding additional value to clients by recommending additional support the company can offer. It’s a win for the clients, and a win for the company!
  3. Culture
    • With more of us working remotely it’s difficult to building and maintain strong company culture, so ensuring effective internal networking and strong relationships are build across the team is more important that ever. Your people are what makes you unique, help them shine and ensure they stay with you by enabling them to build real connections with each other.
  4. Knowledge Transfer
    • Building relationships across departments within the business is going to play a huge part in effective knowledge transfer. With access to more knowledge your team will be able to make better decisions, as well as learning from each other. Everyone has different skills and experience – encourge them to share it!
  5. Innovation
    • Especially important in larger businesses, when colleagues share information and have better relationships and understand of how different departments work, they’re far more like to innovate internally. Solving problems, streamlining processes, and joining forces for the benefit of the business.

How we treat our colleagues isn’t just about making our lives easier in the short run, it’s about building relationships that can hugely impact us and the business we’re part of. So ask yourself – what do your colleagues think of you? Have you built effective relationships across the team? Could you be doing more to network internally?

If your team could benefit from some internal networking support (strategy creation, training, workshops) then get in touch, I’d love to have a chat and see how we can help – [email protected] 

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