Well this is a bit exciting isn’t it – we have officially launched our very own podcast to hopefully help even more people network smarter!

NetKno The Networking Show’ is here to share ideas, provide valuable insights, and is packed with practical tips and tricks all on the topic of networking (obvs).

To help you decide if it’s the right show for you, here’s everything you need to know…


Yes I know there’s literally 1000’s of podcasts to pick from, so why am I creating another? Because I genuinly believe I can help! The podcast is a platform to share loads of practical advice, plant some seeds to maybe you help you think differently, as well as sharing academic insights from my PhD research and beyond. It’s also a great way to create a library of content that can act as a legacy, so years from now someone looking to get more from networking can listen and learn from anywhere in the world.


The show’s a bit different because it’s just me! (For now at least.) Starting the show I wanted to be able to really commit to at least a year of content, and one of the biggest barrier to this was going to be the logistics of organising guests – so to start with it’s me sharing my experience, expertise, and insights with each 10-minute episode focusing on a different topic or question with a lovely mix of theory and practice.

(If you have a question about networking you’d like answered on an episode just drop me an message!)


A new episode will go live everyone week, with subscribers to the show being the first to find out! (So make sure you subscribe via the links below)


You can listen to the podcast in all the usual places (take your pick HERE), or you can watch and listen over on our YouTube channel! (Remember to subscribe while you’re there so you find out when a new show goes live)


The show has been recorded at the amazing Liquid Studios in Cumbria, and produced by their amazing team (thanks for everything Pete) It’s a real labour of love, and an amazing example of the power of networking in itself (me and Pete met networking in Carlisle over 15 years ago!). I really hope you find it useful, entertaining, and helpful on your networking journey.

Check out NetKno The Networking Show on YouTube or listen at your favourite podast spot!