We all love a selfie at a networking event. I mean, if you don’t post pictures of the events you attend, did it even happen? The problem with posting about networking events after they’ve happened is that by then it’s often and you’ve potentially missed a trick!

A really quick way to get more from the events you attend it by posting about them BEFORE they happen, especially if they come with their own hashtag.

Larger events and conferences tend to have their own hashtag, so instead of waiting until the event is over, here are the benefits of posting some pre-event content…

  • other delegates who will to be attending the event can find you
  • start connecting with other delegates before the event begins
  • pre-arrange meetings within the event to get more value
  • showcase the event so your connections can come along too
  • add value to the event host by helping promote their events

So take a look in your diary and see what events are coming up, check out the host’s posts to see if they have a hashtag, and get posting!


If you’re looking for more upcoming events to attend pop over to NetKno-Where for a full listing of events happening across the North East & Tees Valley!