There’s a new F word in town, and it’s one that fills me with excitement and fear and joy all at the same time…Founder.

It’s such a bad-ass powerful word that brings to mind titans of industry, innovators and visionaries! It’s reserved for the people who are trailblazing new ideas and discovering new worlds, they’re setting their flag in the ground of previously unexplored lands and they’re leading armies of people as they go.

As of this week, I shall officially be referring to myself as a founder.

Okay so to be honest I’ve called myself that since setting up Networking KnoWho back in April ’20, but this week it feels like I’ve actually earnt it!

I’ve set the ball rolling on the development of a new networking platform that I truly believe will revolutionise the way we source and select the networking events we attend.

I had the idea for the platform over a year ago now, and to be honest I thought it was something I’d maybe, possibly, do waaaay into the future. But after ten months of grafting I’m reinvesting profits back into the business and I’m going for it! Bootstrapping an MVP (minimal viable product) in order to take it to market, test my theories, and get user feedback. (It all sounds very Silicon Valley when you put it like that!)

As I’m just starting out on this exciting new journey, I thought I’d share my experience of becoming the founder of a tech company (check me out!), and all the weird and wonderful things I learn throughout.

There’s no doubt going to be a lot of hard work, probably some tears, definitely some stress, ideally lots of fun and I hope a great deal of success along the way.

Wish me luck!


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