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Why I Went To Therapy

Last week I released a 1-hour film A Year in the Life of a Startup’ – giving a behind the scenes look into what it’s really like to run a startup business from home, in a global pandemic.

There’s a range of topics and issues that are discussed in the film, so I thought I’d do a series of blogs going into a bit more detail in the hope of starting some helpful conversations. The first one I wanted to talk about is therapy. In the beginning of 2022 I decided to take myself to a therapist, not for anything specific more for ‘mental/emotional maintenance’ and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, for both myself and my business, and here’s some of the reasons why…

Self Care

Investing time in myself isn’t something I’ve been historically great at, but as I’ve gotten older I’m seeing more and more value in such an investment. Being an entrepreneur, Mum, wife, all these things to all these other people means my own needs are often a second thought, and that’s something I wanted to change, because if I’m not the best I can be there’s no way in hell I’ll be able to look after everything else too.


During my 37 years on the planet, like most people, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. Within that were a number of things I’d never really taken the time to address. I won’t go into the details but some of these ‘boxes’ needed to be opened, looked at, organised and then filed away so they no longer had control over my present. Things from the past have a way of blocking us in the future so this was an opportunity for me to wipe that slate clean and start fresh.

Awareness & Understanding

The biggest thing I got from therapy was a completely new understanding of myself – why I reacted to certain situation the way that I did, why I made the decisions I did, and having this kind of self awareness is empowering me to make better choices for me, my relationships, and of course my business.

Having this new kind of clarity is playing a huge role in how I feel about myself yes, but also in how I approach running and growing this business. I understand why the things that scare me scare me, and I know how to manage that fear – no longer being a barrier to achievement it’s now something I can harness and even utilise!

So what started out as curiosity turned into an adventure of a lifetime – there’s something really special about putting the time into getting to know yourself, and I highly recommend you give it a go too. For yourself, your emotional health, and your relationships – but also for your career, your professional development, and your business.

You can watch ‘A Year in the Life of a Startup‘  in full HERE – and if you want to have a chat you can connect with me HERE!

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